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Expert solution design

The automotive industry is developing rapidly. Exciting designs, colours and materials set the tone for the new models. Already in the first stage of development the suppliers have to be extremely flexible and able to react quickly. With the support they get from Dürkopp Adler’s innovative sewing technology, users can be sure to be well equipped for future trends.

Reliable technology

The suppliers to the automotive industry are under an extreme pressure to deliver the right quality at the right cost. Production downtimes or poor workmanship entail enormous financial consequences. The Dürkopp Adler sewing technology stands for elaborate details, long-lasting components and, above all, for reliability. The result is high productivity and a rapid return on investment. No wonder that the Dürkopp Adler sewing technology enjoys such a good reputation in the automotive industry.

Perfect seams

Seat covers, interior decoration or other automotive sewing tasks – every individual sewing operation demands a special sewing technique, especially in case unusual design ideas are to be realized. For every application the Dürkopp Adler machines produce seams resistant to maximum strain and ideally underlining the quality features of a car with their perfect appearance.