SKU: Durkopp Adler 755S/756

Sewing unit for runstitching of rectangular pipedpockets, flap pockets and welt pockets

Modern, reliable and network-capable Dürkopp Adler con- trol technology, with high-resolution touchpanel OP7000

Touch panel with color graphic display for easy program- ming and fast access to all parameters – intuitive operat- ing concept with freely configurable user interface,15 languages selectable

Save the machine parameters in the machine ID

Needle distances from 4,8 – 30 mm can be selected, short conversion time from one to the other needle distance (approx. 30 )

Stepper motor driven center blade drive with extended flexibility in material use due to increased material flow

Large arm passage (335 mm) on the right hand side of the needle

New folder concept as modular system

Optimized folder lowering – for tension free folder move- ment onto the material

Quick-releasefastenerforchanging the folders without tools

Quick-change connector (option) for quick replacement ofheads with frequent needle distance changes

Safe and clean winding of the thread when spooling with integrated bobbin winder with windingaid

Fast color changing possible by separately driven bobbin winder (option)

Maximum precision in the corner cuts due to easy-to- adjust corner knife station (option)

Reduced bobbin change due to double bobbin volume with large vertical hook (Ø = 26 mm)

High sewing safety thanks to needle thread and bobbin thread monitor in the standard of the sewing unit

Flap scanning via photocell

Processing of trousers pockets with extra wide piping strips up to 60 mm, with integrated blowing device (option) for the raising of the extra wide piping

Pocket sizes from 20 – 240 mm selectable (depending on sewing equipment)

Pressure monitor is included as standard

UPS – uninterrupted power supply (option)