SKU: Durkopp Adler 739-23-1

Dürkopp Adler 739-23-1

Dürkopp Adler 739-23-1 offers an excel- lent solution for runstitching and simulta- neous trimming of small parts like flaps, waistband extensions, cuffs, collars etc.

The flexibility of the sewing unit allows  the free programming of seam courses as well as the self-manufacture of templates.

The new template with triple memory chip support increases the flexibility of use. It allows runstitching of three differ- ent waistband extension shapes, e.g. round, angular or straight, with only one template.

A size-adjustable template for the produc- tion of cuffs enables quick adaptation to various cuff lengths and sizes.

Precise edge trimming and the always constant seam course are characteristic of the sewing unit 739-23-1. The template feed is effected via a belt drive. The tem- plate with its integrated toothing is direct- ly positioned on a tooth belt to follow the seam course as per control.

Durkopp 739-23-1